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To Invest

The bespoke ideal product

To Invest, by Liiiving, generates prosperous realty opportunities at a bespoke level to a selected circle of investors.


A strong market placement, alongside with expert analysts, Liiiving provides legal, fiscal and feasibility support.


Finding your ideal product, tailored to your expectations, is our offer.


To Invest, by Liiiving endeavors provide the optimum options which readily fit with your personal criteria.


- Full support

- Exclusivity

- Full service

     • Creating the project, Executing the Project and Short Stay Management

     • 3 in 1 action

     • Inside Job

          o Service from within Porto, to you.

          o The local player on your team.

          o Service from within Porto, to you.

          o BackOffice services

          o Expert Analysis

          o Fiscal and Legal Support

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