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Operating since 2015, Liiiving defines its service in a straight line of extreme care, professionalism and an integrated structure, always striving for excellence.


Liiiving's state-of-the-art Short Stay service also honors innovation and personalization for every guest, partner and owner.


Being so, Liiiving is pleased to announce facts such as the Liiiving App or the work with owners from all around the world. From Angola to Portugal, as well as from Spain, Ivory Coast, Lebanon and Australia.


It is only by adapting to your preferred mean of communication, that we ensure that operations are carried out as smoothly, efficiently and transparently as possible.


In 2017, after the city of Porto being awarded, for the third time, as the Best European Destination of the year, Liiiving is honored to have been selected as one of the 10 official partners of the European Best Destination Institution, giving us a very rewarding seal of credibility. The only ones in Local Accommodation and / or Real Estate.


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The best solution for your property

We are at your disposal, contact us.