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The tourist / real estate market enthused us to create a single project and could provide various services to both parties, the owner and end customer, within the same company that makes the whole process simpler and more effective.

Short Stay

The Short Stay management is one of the main areas of expertise Liiiving.

We create unique solutions for owners and guests. Meet them now!

For owners:

Estimated profitability study of your property;

Managing your property 365 days a year (check in, check out, management of reservations and price's optimization, cleaning, support for guests, etc.);

Strong and creative communication. photographic and videographic content creation for further dissemination in the various communication channels (social networks, website and digital platforms).


Objective: To increase your occupancy rate and consequent billing.


For Guests:

Reception welcome to your stay;

Cleaning Service;

Support during the entire stay (grocery shopping, suggesting restaurants, special programs, activities to be undertaken, etc.);

Guide service and exclusive transfers;


Objective: To provide a special and unforgettable experience to all who visit our properties.


All our services are certified and persons qualified to carry out.

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Mid-Long Stay

In a daring time, we introduce our mid/long stay business model, which assures the best property management service, with a detail level that only an experienced short-stay team can provide.


For the owner, we continue to ensure the ongoing management of all the aspects of the property, being it ratings, dynamic pricing, maintenance, quality control, improvements and other details, where we work the balance between profitability and stability.


For the guest, we provide an unforgettable stay, with all the characteristics of a short stay (unique property, amenities, cleaning, 24h service, besides new services and partnerships on a weekly basis), but for a much longer period.


Welcome home!

To Invest

Innovation is part of us. The whole process is done in a unique way in the market, bringing added value to all stakeholders.


The image and communication are main references of our work. We have a team that performs professional photography and video in each property to an immediate subsequent stage to channelize the content obtained throughout the many communication channels Liiiving (website, social networks, newsletter, etc.).


The relationship management with the potential interested in real estate is based by an official of the company that will coordinate the whole process.


The legal support necessary for conducting any business will also be provided by us with quality assured in service.

The best solution for your property

We are at your disposal, contact us.